B BC and Sheryl Coleman


cowboybc1 at

3rd Saturday
5pm to Eat
6pm Meeting
Belgian Waffle & Pancake House
1882 James River Road
Ozark, MO
B2 Chuck and Trish Smith


cnt95 at

 2th Thursday
6 pm to Eat
7 pm Meeting
Golden Corral Family Restaurant
2004 W. Broadway
Sedalia, MO
G Andy Talken

(573) 761-4979

atalken60 at

 2nd Thursday
6pm to Eat
7pm Meeting
Various Restaurants
Jefferson City, MO
I Gary & Karen Huffman     


onbakhuf at

1st Thursday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
Delmonico’s Restaurant
2951 Old Orchard Road
Jackson, MO
K Ryan & Mary Tinkler

(816) 225-2139

tinklerrg at

4th Monday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
 Perkins Restaurant
Hwy 291 & 39th St
Independence, MO
O Gene & Karen Kaufmann

(314) 402-8271 at

3rd Monday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
Moudy’s Bar & Grill
2151 West Terra Lane
O’Fallon, MO
P Jerry Blatt & Scooter Beatty

(314) 952-4666

mowingnut at

2nd Wednesday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
302 Old Motel Rd

Rosebud, MO 63091
W Leroy Anthony

(573) 474-4521

leroy062 at

TBA  Saturdays Columbia, MO.  TBA
W2 Bob & Diane Phelps

(314) 837-6276

modirect_2011 at

2nd Monday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
Golden Corral Restaurant
1850 Zumbehl Road

St. Charles, MO
Z Paul & Cheryl Engelman

(314) 220-9718


1st Monday
6pm Eat
7pm Meet
Ponderosa Restaurant
3601 Jeffco Blvd.
Arnold, MO