Tips and FYI s

Browsers—-if you use Firefox, I have noticed an occasional “error” in rendering the website, I have not seen that with Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi.

3/12/18—-The menu for “Programs” is not displaying properly on small screens, like smartphones and tablets…this is nothing I can fix….I will be alert for software updates to the website and let you know when it is working again….desktops and laptops do not seem to be affected.

Shortcuts—-words that are in light blue text, with or without underline,  are shortcuts or links.

Email addresses…..I have replaced the @ in e mail text with “at” so to reduce the harvesting of e mail addresses by automated “web crawlers” looking for e mail addresses to send spam to.

Web Address——mogwrra.mogwrra.org  is our current web address

mogwrra.mogwrra.org and sometimes http://mogwrra.mogwrra.org will get you to our site

www.mogwrra.mogwrra.org will not work

https://mogwrra.mogwrra.org will not work