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Following are the reporting requirements:
N.6 Rider Education Activity Report (attached) – The DISTRICT Rider Educator (Chapters do not have Rider Ed position) submits this report monthly based on information                        from the Chapters.  If your Chapter has any of these activities including levels, report the activity to Tim McShane ( by the 5th of the month. The new Handbook does not designate who at the Chapter will provide the info so the Chapter Director can provide the report (can be submitted in an email without using the form) or appoint or request the Ride Coordinator or another member report to Tim.

Motorist Awareness (MAP) Activity Report (attached) – The District Motorist Awareness Program Coordinator (or me as Acting MAP Coordinator) submits this report                                monthly based on information provided by the Chapters.  The items listed on the report are not all-inclusive so if your Chapter has any MAP activities report them by the 5th of the month.  The new Handbook does not designate who at the Chapter will report to the District MAP Coodinator so the CD or designee can provide the information.  It  can be submitted on the form or simply listed in an email to me( by the 5th of the month.  One way to gather this info is to have a discussion at your  monthly meeting and immediately report to me.

Treasurer – The Chapter Treasurer submits a report by January 31 for the prior calendar year to the District Director (, or mail to my address).  The submission includes Equipment list (or lists if you change CD), Financial cover sheet, Financial register and report (2 pages), 12/31 bank  statement with a balance that reconciles with the financial report, confirmation from IRS of filing and acceptance of the e-postcard, and bank confirmation or  listing of signatories on the Chapter checking account.  Treasurer reports can be found at, Officer, Officer resources under Finance.

ARL (Area Report List) is provided to the District Membership Enhancement Coordinator (MEC) about the middle of each month.  A full report (shows new members,                         prospects, active members, expiring members and expired members) is provided the first month of each quarter and a Prospective Member report is provided the  other 2 months.  The MEC or District Director will contact the prospects each month to determine their interests and which Chapter they will associate with.  With  the full report each Chapter’s Member Enhancement and Social Coordinator, or if none, the Chapter Director or Designee, will welcome new members and contact  expiring and expired members and report to the District MEC by the first of the month the status of each member contacted.